Desert Shadows RV Resort Mission Statement

The mission of Desert Shadows RV Resort is to
Provide an environment for a thriving seasonal 55+ community.


Create, maintain, and strive to improve


Facilities, organization, and activities.


A spirit of fun, friendly, positive, and respectful fellowship.


November through April

Desert Shadows RV Resort Values

What We Value

  • DSRVR is a thriving seasonal 55+ community.
  • There is great alignment within the community. The uniqueness of the resort is important.
  • We wish that relationships between the residents of our community are characterized as caring, friendly, tolerant, inclusive, and trusting.
  • Our actions are guided by mutual respect.
  • We get things done through volunteerism and teamwork based on responsible citizenship, stewardship, and high standards.
  • We seek an environment that is peaceful, safe, and secure, tranquil, fun, and gregarious in which each resident can enjoy the activities of their choosing.
  • Our properties are well maintained, kept in good order and are attractive.
  • We demonstrate accountabilities for all our actions.