All lots in the Resort are privately owned and as such any rental agreements are done directly with the lot owners or their agents.  The DSRV Resort Office does not rent lots.

All guests must register with the HOA office and a $35.00 fee will be charged. Registration is mandatory for your safety and security. A FOB will be issued for ingress and egress to the Resort. A deposit is required for the FOB and refunded when the guest returns it at the end of their stay.  Guest privileges can be revoked at any time a person does not conform to the HOA Rules & Regulations or CC&Rs.

DSRV is not a short stay RV Resort. We are not a campground where you can stay for a few nights or a week. The minimum rental stay is 30 consecutive days. Many renters stay for the ‘snowbird season”. We are considered a Seasonal RV Resort.

Yes, Desert Shadows is a 55+ community and as such at least one of the owners or renters staying in the park must be 55 years old or older.  Each site must have a resident that is 55 or older staying there at all times that the site is occupied. 

  • Overnight visitors under 55 years must have 1 person 55+ staying in the RV or Park Model through the night.
  • Owners and guests must notify the HOA office when guests under 55 are staying in the resort.
  • Those under 55 are limited to stay of a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year.
  • Owners and guests will be accountable for the conduct of their guests.

Yes, no vans, van campers, truck-mount campers, utility trailers, tents, tent trailers, or tow dollies are allowed to be parked or stored on any lot.   Only one RV is permitted to be parked on a lot.

The minimum size of the RV living area is 8 feet wide and 26 feet long but cannot exceed a basic width of 8.8 feet plus manufactured extensions. The maximum length shall be no more than the distance within the required front and rear setbacks of the specific lot the unit is parked on. As lots throughout the park are different dimensions be sure to confirm with the lot owner or their agent to ensure that your RV will fit within the allowable bounds/setbacks.

There are no restrictions on the age of your RV, however they must be aesthetically and mechanically sound.  The Manager and/or the Board shall have the right to inspect and approve all personal vehicles including your RV to ensure they meet the standards of our Resort.  The inspection is limited to the exterior only.

All vehicles must have visible proof of current registration.

Only one household pet is allowed per lot, weighing less than 20 pounds and no taller than 14 inches. Pets must be kept on your lot under supervision and on a maximum 8-foot leash while outside in your lot. Pets are not allowed to walk in common areas including streets, green spaces or inside park facilities.  If your pet is removed from your lot it must be carried or transported in a vehicle or carriage.   There is a dog walk area just outside the east gate adjacent to the park. Annoying barking will not be tolerated.

Dogs are not allowed to walk on common ground in the Resort.  Dogs need to be carried or carted out either the front or back gate and walked in the green areas there.

No wood fires are allowed. Propane, charcoal briquettes, or electric fires are allowed.

10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Noises that cause a disturbance or annoy neighbors’ day or night will not be tolerated. Generators are not be operated at any time. Violators may be asked to leave.

There are 3 recycling bins in Phase 1: 1 located behind the office, 1 on Mira Vista and 1 on the corner of Del Largo and Alta Vista.

There are 3 recycling bins in Phase 2:  1 located just inside Phase 2 on Alfalfa Drive, 1 beside the Our Gang Clubhouse and 1 At Satellite C.

The ticket office is located next to the ballroom at the San Jacinto (SJ) Club house.  The hours for the ticket office are posted on Terri’s blog.  Terri’s blog lists what tickets are for sale and what events are coming up.

These website links will help with these questions:

Ticket Office: https://desertshadowsrv.us/ticket-office/

Event Calendar: https://dsrvr.zohosites.com/desert-shadows-event-calendar

Activities Director Blog: https://dsrvr.zohosites.com/desert-shadows-activities-blog

To join an activity, just show up at the designated location at the time of the activity.  You may have to inform a person there that you would like to join. Please check the Activity’s respective page on the https://desertshadowsrv.us website for detailed information.

No, for sale or free signs are not allowed unless it is for the lot/park model.  See the rules and regulations for the size of lot/park model signs.

Please report the problem to the office, either in person or by phone at (760) 321-7676

For repairs you can also complete a service request:  https://desertshadowsrv.us/service-request-form/

Desert Shadows RV Resort is fortunate to have 5 unique and convenient locations in the park for all your laundry needs.

Please click this link for information about our laundry facilities:


The Resort uses the convenient CSC Laundry App. We encourage people to use the App, though if you prefer to obtain a physical laundry card you can obtain them during normal operating hours at the HOA Office. The office provides the laundry card and you can recharge/add funds to the card there.

Depending on the carrier, it could be delivered directly to your lot or to the Post Office, which is located next to the HOA office. USPS/Regular mail is received at the HOA Mail Office and placed in your mailbox. Large Packages may be stored in the Lockers. When the flag is raised outside the mail this indicates mail has been received/sorted and is ready.

UPS delivery along with FEDEX ground are often received at your lot. (Please include your lot # when placing orders for delivery from your vendors.)

Our Address is:

Desert Shadows RV Resort or (Your Name)

69801 Ramon Road (Lot # XXX)

Cathedral City, CA 92234

You should receive a key from the owner/seller. If a renter does not get the key from the owner, the office will hold the mail.

If your lot has enough room they can park on the lot.  If not, you will need to go to the office and get a Temporary permit to park in the common area parking area.  (Limited Time)

If both the cars will not fit on the lot, you will need to make arrangements with another owner or arrangements at facilities outside the park.  The second vehicle cannot be parked in the common area.

Yes, we welcome activity leaders and new ideas.  Please contact Terri the Activities Director. The Activities Director’s Office is located at the SJ Facility.

Call 911 and the Resort Manager/HOA Office Tel: (760) 321-7676

As a courtesy to our Owners, Renters, and Guests DSRV has FREE, convenient Ice Machines, located in the following locations in the Resort:

  • San Jacinto Laundry Room

  • Our Gang Clubhouse Laundry Room

  • SAT C Laundry Room