Important Rules About Our Resort

Lots in Desert Shadows RV Resort (DSRV) are made available through the courtesy of the owners. This is not a short stay rental resort. Lot owners can only rent a site for a minimum stay of 30 days. (No daily or weekly rentals). Owners and guests of owners must certify they are aware that they will adhere to Rules and Regulations established by the Desert Shadows RV Resort Association (HOA).


All guests must register with the HOA and a $35.00 fee will be charged. Registration is mandatory for your safety and security. A FOB will be issued for ingress and egress to the Resort. A deposit is required for the FOB.  Guest privileges can be revoked at any time a person does not conform to the HOA Rules & Regulations or CC&Rs.


DSRV is an over-55 resort for owners and guests. However, the following provisions in the CC&Rs are applicable for guests under 55 years of age:

  • Stay is limited to 30 days in a calendar year.
  • Owners and guests must notify HOA when guests under 55 are staying in the resort.
  • Overnight visitors under 55 years must have 1 person 55 or over staying in the RV or Park Model through the night.
  • Owners and guests will be accountable for the conduct of their guests.


Minimum size of the RV living area is 8 feet wide and 26 feet long but cannot exceed a basic width of 102 inches plus manufactured extensions. The maximum length shall be no more than the distance within the required front and rear setbacks of the lot (see section 4.5 of R&R’s). No vans, van campers, truck-mount campers, utility trailers, tents or tent trailers will be allowed on any lot. All RVs must have visible proof of current registration.


Only one RV, set within setback allowances, may be parked on a lot. If space permits, a maximum of two other street legal, non-recreational vehicles may be parked on the concrete parking area of the lot, if not protruding into a street. On STREET PARKING is limited to two hours daily in the RESORT. Vehicle driver must be readily available to move the parked vehicle in case of emergency. Overnight parking in common areas is prohibited without a permit. Utility trailers, including car dollies of any kind, are prohibited in the common area and on individual lots. Please make prior out-of-resort arrangements to store these items. Vehicles, including the RV, may not be off the concrete, protrude over the grass or intrude onto the adjacent site. This rule also applies to golf cart parking.


Due to potential theft and vandalism, everyone is encouraged to remove golf cart keys and secure golf carts and bicycles. All drivers of golf carts must have a valid driver's license. THE 10 M.P.H. SPEED LIMIT MUST BE OBEYED. No golf carts, bicycles, or motorcycles are allowed to be ridden on or parked in common grassy areas. Golf carts and bicycles operated after dark require headlights and reflectors. As required by law, bicycle helmets must be worn by all riders under age 18.


10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Noises that cause a disturbance or annoy neighbors day or night will not be tolerated. Generators will not be operated at any time. Violators will be asked to leave.


Only one household pet is allowed per lot, weighing less than 20 pounds and no taller than 14 inches. Pets must be kept on lot under owners' supervision and on a maximum 8-foot leash when outside. Pets are not allowed in common areas.

If pet is removed from the lot, it must be carried or transported, and litter must be removed immediately. Annoying barking will not be tolerated.


Gates are kept closed at all times. WARNING!!! Gates are timed for one vehicle at a time. DO NOT HURRY OR FORCE GATES. Do not stop within swing line of gates. DSRV IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES OR INJURY BY NOT FOLLOWING THIS RULE. The Da Vall Exit Gate is locked every night from 11 PM to 6 AM for security purposes. Please use the Ramon Gate for exiting during those hours.


All posted signs must be adhered to. NOTE: THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT THROUGHOUT THE RESORT IS 10 M.P.H. Ignoring or violating any of the signs is sufficient justification for fines and/or loss of the privilege to remain in the resort. No sign, other than residential identification, and the "For Sale/For Rent" signs approved by the HOA, shall be permitted on any lot. This includes, but is not limited to, any for sale sign or form of advertisement. Bulletin board cards can be obtained through the office for these purposes and may be posted in the locations specified for that purpose.


Only MINOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS to motor vehicles may be made on lots to enable moving of the vehicles to a proper repair facility. Absolutely no spray painting without an ACC permit.


No wood fires are allowed. Propane, charcoal briquettes or electric fires are allowed.


Personal property stored outside the RV that is deemed unsightly or a nuisance to others must be removed upon notice of the resort manager.


are not permitted on any common area, balcony, railing, awning or other part of a structure or RV. Clotheslines must not be visible from street. No items or towels may be hung outside on any common area. A "drying rack" means an apparatus from which laundered items maybe hung to dry or air. The clothesline/drying rack may not be left up overnight.


No freestanding awning or patio cover is permitted.


Absolutely no glass items are permitted in any pool/spa area. There are NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY and all posted rules are enforced. Please be considerate of others at the pools. Children, who are not toilet trained, are required to wear “swim diapers” in the pools or spas.

COMMON AREAS and SATELLITE FACILITIES can be reserved for use through the HOA Office.



The equipment and facilities of the resort are solely for the convenience and use of all occupants and their guests except where posted, and all persons using them do so at their own risk. Desert Shadows RV Resort Owners' Association, the Board of Directors, the Manager and the Broker (sales) are not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, floods or any act of God.