A Premier Destination for Recreational Vehicle Owners

Desert Shadows RV Resort

Resort History

The park was originally conceived and developed by the multi-faceted Sidney Kibrick.

Mr. Kibrick played the freckle-faced, red-headed sidekick to Tommy “Butch” Bond in the Our Gang series. Kibrick’s character name in the films was “The Woim.”

Later in life, Sidney Kibrick became a very successful real estate investor and developer, even partaking in some projects with President Gerald Ford. Phase 1 of his project Desert Shadows RV Resort opened on October 20, 1984.

Park Developments

On January 25, 1986, he even sponsored an Our Gang reunion at Desert Shadows RV Resort where he and his other Our Gang stars left their hand prints and signatures at the base of the flag poles.

They have also influenced street names and facilities here within Desert Shadows RV Resort.

On January 17, 1988, the second phase of the resort was opened.

Today, Sidney Kibrick’s influence is still very much evident.