Laundry Facilities

***Please take Note: Our current Laundry Vendor Lease expires at the end of September at which time we may be switching to a new company. It would be prudent, until that time, to only load "what is needed" on your current laundry card or phone application pending this change. ***

Desert Shadows RV Resort is fortunate to have 5 unique and convenient locations in the park for all your laundry needs. The locations include the largest facility located at the San Jacinto Building, followed by the next largest facility at the “Our Gang Clubhouse”, and then 3 additional facilities located at each Satellite location (A, B, & C).

Each facility contains a bank of washers, dryers, and space for folding your clothes.

Our Laundry system utilizes the CSC APP/Card system for payment.  The easiest way is to download the CSC app to your smartphone and then use the scan code to pay and activate the machines. The app also has the ability to communicate available machines at each location and also will provide notifications to your phone when your wash or dryer has finished.

Apple store link:

Google/Android Link:

Alternatively, you can buy a laundry card at the CSC machine located in each facility. The CSC system is a “Secure/Cashless system” so you will need to use a credit card to add funds at each location when needed.