Rules and Regulations


A. Renting Only Entire Lot
A. Renting Only Entire Lot - This rule is to prevent overcrowding of lots.
1. No portion of a lot, only the entire lot together with the improvements thereon, may be rented, and then only to a single family/individual.
2. No lot may be rented without written notice prior to the arrival of the renter(s) in the Resort to the Manager, which notice shall include the name of the renter(s), his/her family members and length of stay.
3. Owner(s) must provide renter(s) with a copy of the Desert Shadows Rules and Regulations.
B. Restricted Entry
This rule is intended to improve the privacy of the owners and their property and to reduce unauthorized traffic.
1. Owners, members of their families, renters, agents and employees shall comply with the Rules and Regulations pertaining to registration requirements and the proper use of designated entry and exit gates.
2. Owners, renters and guests shall not enter or tamper in any way with any locked areas within the Common Area of the Resort.
C. Dangerous and Offensive Activities
This rule is intended to assure the safety of all property, owners, and their guests within the Resort. 1. Nothing shall be done or kept in or on any lot, or in or on the Common Areas which will increase the insurance rate on the Common Areas or create a liability for the Association.
2. No owner or guest shall engage in any illegal activities within the Resort.
3. No flammable liquids shall be improperly stored in the Common Areas or on any lot. Very minimal amounts of flammable liquids may be stored in metal ( or approved) containers in an enclosed storage shed.
4. No wood fires are allowed. Propane, charcoal briquettes or electric fires are allowed
D. Hours
This Rule is intended to assure quiet enjoyment of the Resort by all occupants. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Electrical generators may not be used as a power source in the Resort.
E. Outside Storage
This Rule is made to keep the resort's appearance attractive. Personal property which is deemed unsightly by the Board or becomes a nuisance to other lot owners shall not be stored on any Lot.
F. Washing Machines and Dryers
This Rule is made to conform to Cathedral City Ordinances. Washing machines and dryers, other than those located within the Recreation Vehicle, are prohibited on any lot.
G. Exterior Clothes Lines
This Rule is made to keep the Resort from taking on the "campground" look.
1. Exterior clotheslines and drying racks shall not be erected or maintained on any Common Area.
2. Washers and dryers are available in the Resort laundry rooms for the laundering and drying of clothing, towels, swimsuits and other cloth washables. For all lots with no backyard (e.g. "pull through" lots), there shall be no outside drying or laundering of these items. For lots with backyards, the use a of a clothesline or drying rack shall be permissible under the following circumstances: a.) A "clothesline" includes a cord, rope, or wire from which laundered items may be hung to dry or air.
b.) A "drying rack" means an apparatus from which laundered may be hung to dry or air.
c.) A balcony, railing, awning, or other part of a structure or RV shall not qualify as a clothesline or drying rack.
d.) The clothesline/drying rack must not be visible from the street. Reasonable means of shielding the clothesline/drying rack from the street may be used, with the prior permission of the Board.
e.) The clothesline/drying rack may not be attached to any Common Areas (e.g. walls) or to trees.
f.) The clothesline/drying rack may not be left up overnight.
g.) The clothesline/drying rack may not be used on grass mowing
h.) Retail Sales and Other Services - This Rule is intended to assure compliance with City Zoning Laws and Conditional Use Permits and to exclude all commercial activity in the Resort.
No owner shall occupy or use a lot or permit the same or any part thereof to be occupied or used for any purpose other than as a PRIVATE RESIDENCE


No lot, recreational vehicle located thereon, or any portion thereof, shall be rented or leased except in compliance with the CC&Rs (including Article IV, Section II) and the Association Rules and Regulations applicable thereto.
A. Type of Recreational Vehicles Permitted
These Rules are to maintain the appearance of the Resort. No recreational vehicle shall be permitted to enter and utilize the Resort unless it is a properly licensed vehicle pursuant to appropriate State Vehicle Codes. A recreational vehicle shall be defined as a park trailer, motor home, travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, or park model, with or without motor power, designed for human habitat for recreational occupancy with living areas, including built-in equipment and amenities such as closets, cabinets, kitchen units, and bath and toilet rooms with connection to outside sewers. Such recreational vehicles must:
1. Contain 400 square feet or less of gross area measured at maximum horizontal projections (outside dimensions) and must be at least twenty-six feet 26' in length.
2. Be built on a single chassis.
3. May be self-propelled or permanently towable on the highways without a permit, except for park models which require a permit for towing.
4. Is constructed in accordance with Standards No. A 119.2 of the American National Standards Institute.
5. No mobile homes, commercial coaches, truck-mounted campers, van conversions, tent trailers, tents or permanent structures utilized as a habitable dwelling shall be permitted in the Resort.
B. Inspection and Approval of All Vehicles
This rule is intended to maintain the appearance of the Resort. The Manager and/or the Board shall have the right to inspect and approve all recreational vehicles and all other motorized vehicles that are to be parked on any Lot. This inspection is limited to an exterior inspection only.
C. Dismantling or Repairing of Vehicles
This rule is intended to maintain the appearance of the Resort. No owner or renter shall park a boat, trailer, travel trailer, camper, bus, truck or other commercial or recreational vehicle on any portion of the Common Area without prior approval of the Resort Manager. No motor vehicle shall be dismantled, repaired, painted or stored upon any Lot or portion of the Common Area in Desert Shadows RV Resort which is visible from the streets or roadways of Desert Shadows RV Resort except for emergency repairs thereto, and then only to the extent necessary to enable movement thereof to a proper repair facility. No Owner shall do anything which will in any manner prevent the streets and parking areas in the Common Area from at all times being free and clear of all obstructions and in a safe condition for vehicular use.
D. Vehicle Parking on Lots
1. Only one recreational vehicle may be parked on a lot.
2. The minimum distance between any recreational vehicle shall be ten feet (10'). (Cathedral City Ordinance).
3. A maximum of two (2) other passenger vehicles as defined by Vehicle Code Section 465 or any successor statute (but specifically excluding recreational vehicles or vehicles defined as a house car by Vehicle Code Section 362 or any successor statute) may be parked on the concrete area provided for that purpose.
4. All vehicles in the Resort must be motorized and licensed for legal operation on streets and highways and equipped with adequate mufflers and exhaust suppression equipment (except golf carts).
E. Size of Recreational Vehicles
Pursuant to Ordinance No. 187, Section 4 ( Section 100, Article 111, Division B of Cathedral City Zoning Ordinance):
1. A recreational vehicle must be at least twenty-six feet (26') in length, based on manufacturers specifications.
2. A recreational vehicle shall not exceed a basic width of one hundred and two inches (102"), plus any manufactured extensions which are a part of the recreational vehicle.
3. The maximum length of the recreational vehicle shall be no more than the distance within the required front and rear setbacks of the lot in which the vehicle will be parked.
4. No portion of any recreational vehicle shall extend into the required side yard setbacks except for the exclusive easement appurtenant to each lot for overhanging eaves and any projections that shall not extend beyond the "eave line." Projections within the "eave line" easement must leave open access for repair of utilities within the easement.
F. Other Vehicles
This rule is made to eliminate excessive noise. Motorcycles and motorbikes which operate quietly may be ridden to and from the lot.
G. Parking
The Parking Rule was developed to provide convenient and secure parking for the greatest number of members and their guests and to maintain the appearance of the Resort.
1. Vehicles shall not be parked on the streets except for immediate loading and unloading.
2. Unassigned parking spaces are reserved for the exclusive use of current guests or as specifically designated by the Board. An unassigned parking space is any parking space not located within the property line of an individual lot.
3. Owners and guests desiring special consideration for a temporary overnight parking permit shall make a request to the Manager.
If approved, the Manager shall issue a permit allowing the vehicle to be parked up to forty-eight (48) hours in a designated Common Area parking space. The permit must be prominently displayed on the windshield of the vehicle.
Parking of utility trailers, trailers carrying boats, motorcycles and similar recreational equipment is prohibited in/or on individual lots.
If such vehicle is not removed after forty-eight (48) hours, the vehicle may be towed at owners' expense.
4. Parking of commercial vehicles is prohibited within the Resort except when in support of a specific service(s) at a site(s), and/or as authorized by the Board in writing.
5. Parking or driving on lawns or over water or irrigation lines with a vehicle is prohibited.


The Pet Rule is intended to enable pet owners to keep a pet within the Resort in a responsible manner without disturbing other owners and renters.
A. One (1) normal household pet shall be permitted. A household pet shall not exceed twenty (20) pounds in weight or more than fourteen inches ( 14") in height at the shoulder.
B. An owner whose pet creates a nuisance which is objectionable to neighbors or considered so by the Board shall correct the problem immediately. The Board has the authority to deem a pet to be a nuisance. The pet must then be removed from the Lot within forty-eight (48) hours.
C. Pets left unattended, in violation of current local laws or causing a nuisance shall be considered abandoned.
D. If a pet is allowed outside the recreational vehicle, it shall be confined within the property lines on a leash which is short enough to assure proper control. If the pet is removed from the Lot, it must be carried within a conveyance.
E. Any animal litter shall be removed immediately by the pet owner.


These Rules are to assure the safety and comfort of the owners, renters and guests.
A. General
1. No owner or renter shall add to, remove, cause damage to, or alterations to, any of the Common Area(s) including buildings, landscaping or perimeter walls.
2. There shall be no obstruction of the Common Area.
3. Nothing shall be stored in the Common Area(s) without the prior written consent of the Manager.
4. Common Walls - In order to ensure visual cohesiveness of the Resort, Lot owners must obtain ACC permission to plant anything (flowers or shrubs) against or on any of the Common Walls. Plantings against or on Common Walls must not Encroach on adjacent properties including walk ways and roadways. Exterior Common Wall plantings will be allowed to grow over the wall(s) to enhance security as long as it does not create a safety issue.
5. Common Area Plantings - Maintenance of lawns and plantings in the Common Areas is the responsibility of management.
Smoking - The Smoking Rule is intended to protect the health, comfort and enjoyment of the Resort facilities by Association members and their guests.
1. Smoking shall be prohibited in any enclosed structure within the Common Area. 2. Smoking shall not be permitted in breezeways or connecting walkways or within twenty feet (20') of any common area facility.


Sign specifications and control are regulated to make signage as uniform, effective, and as inoffensive as possible. Subject to any applicable laws, no sign, other than residential identification signs shall be permitted on any Lot with the following exceptions:
1. One residential identification sign having a maximum face area of 162 square inches shall be allowed on any lot.
2. One "for sale" or "for rent" sign having a maximum face area of eighteen (18) by twenty-four (24) inches and of an acceptable color as determined by the ACC.
a. Owners wishing to sell autos, furniture, house hold items and the like, may post "For Sale Cards" on bulletin boards in the Main Club House and Our Gang Club House, and on bulletin boards in the Post Office and all Satellites. Such signs shall not be posted on Lots or vehicles.